I’m loving this gorgeous glitter coloring book! Each illustration includes a translucent glitter in specific areas of each illustration. The “glitter” appears in varying amounts — some pages positively sparkling while others offer a subtle shimmer. It’s a lovely effect, and offers a fantastic finish to my coloring.Each page, which is quite thick and sturdy, features an illustration on one side only, so I think pencils, paints, and inks of all kinds would work perfectly well.

The illustrations feature a similar style throughout, with lines that vary between thick and thin, with some taking a more prominent role, so there’s lots of variety throughout. I really love all of the themes, including gardens, foliage, and occasional wildlife one might discover in the trees, near and far. To get the best effects with the glitter, they recommend using alcohol or permanent markers. It’s a very well-made coloring book with lovely illustrations that are fun to color and it offers a shimmering effect to every page.

I think that this extremely high quality coloring book, is perfect for all ages and it features (groovy!) illustrations from the Far East, happy hippy life, and realms beyond dreamland. There are fun-to-color illustrations of mandalas, Buddha, enlightened female saints, yogis, or bodhisattvas, the Ohm symbol, tribal arrows, nature, and more. Each page offers more than perfect pages to relax and color as a form of active meditation and/or fun. I love how, Within each illustration, there are shimmering areas with translucent “glitter” that magically transforms each peaceful page into something truly special.

I really appreciated that the highest quality printing is found throughout, from the illustrations themselves, to the excellent binding, the thick paper, and the superlative printing, which includes varying amounts of translucent shimmering “glitter” on the illustrations. It is one of the best quality coloring books I’ve ever seen. The paper — including the sparkly areas — work well with any coloring medium, but they suggest markers to get the full effect! This is a beautiful coloring book that I think would make an excellent gift for any Bohemians in your life — even if that’s you!